CHIP-8 emulator in Javascript, that runs in the browser

Here is another version of the CHIP 8 interpreter, this time written in Javascript, to refresh she skill and discover some new features. With this work, I was able to slightly improve the previously written Python version and notice that there is not much difference in performance in this case. Although, at this point, I already know that I can significantly speed up the Javascript interpreter.

Due to the fact that Javascript allows very fast prototyping, without thinking about mundane problems like type compatibility or memory allocation, I managed to add a live monitor and a disassembler. If only I had more time I would write my own assembler and some program for CHIP 8, but for now I jumped to another project.
A working online version and the source on Github should show up in the future.

Clip below shows the moment I was hunting a bug causing problems with the .PC register, jumping out of the program scope. Despite the fact I already had my Python version, due some language differences I couldn’t track it down for a few hours.


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