Cleaning up an old camera – 50/365

Getting a break from computers and giving this beautiful, tiny vintage camera ( Foth Derby folded camera ) first little once-over, including lens. Also fixed the case lock. (Shot above photo using Xperia X10)

I’ve set the BULB mode and took a nice fun ‘through photo’ using mobile Xperia X10 to roughly check  how the lens perform.

No lighting setups, handheld, just to do a quick test. It looks well, but I’ve noticed some dust, I will take care of it next time. I need to develop that old film found inside and try to get some 127 film to take real shots.

Everything works perfect although I’ll do it probably once to preserve its internal mechanism.
And below is the digiscooped photo.

Digiscooped with Forth Derby and Xperia X10

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