Drawing lessons – 1

Like I said earlier, I wanted to refresh my skills in drawing and painting, so I just signed up for the first course. It will last for 12 3-hour sessions, and the first three have already passed. For a start, we had to bring in self-portraits drawn using pencil. And then we were told to choose a subject, frame it, and draw it. It was pretty deep waters.

Drawing is nothing new for me, but I want to overcome my aversion to large formats, increase my speed, accuracy, and learn some new techniques. All the skills I have, I learned by myself, so I need a fresh perspective and a break from digital art (which made me lazy).

Below is the frame I chose (it was too complicated) and the result of a live drawing. The whole process took me about 2.5 hours, which is terribly slow. Later, I realized that I spent more than an hour just measuring the scene.

What I’ve learned is: I can draw outdoors, I’ve improved my framing capabilities, I understood the importance of first quick grid sketch better and I am fighting my ‘love’ to details which slows me a lot.

It’s not finished piece of art and I won’t finish it. I’ve learned what I needed and next work will be created at the same place, but painted using Gouache paint. So I’ll try to put all my new knowledge in it and improve this piece through that new painting.

And most of all it’s A3 ! I’m really proud of myself ;) although I know there are some errors.

So.. what do You think ???

2 responses to “Drawing lessons – 1”

  1. thinkactlive says:

    Good work! This was an enjoyable and relaxing thing to do, wasn't it? What you said you have learned is encouraging. It makes me want to try drawing.

  2. Art Plrang says:

    Yes, it surprasingly was. Add to this, that I felt like it was 30 minutes not 2.5 hours, which reduced my impatience.
    Next day we went for a bike ride taking some pencils and paper. We had a great time drawing outdoors through an one hour and today I painted that sketch with watercolor – for the 4th time in my life. I'll post it soon. Glad you like it!

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