Drawing series 4

Drawings description

Apollin drawing, statue study in pencil

Rough sketch of Venus, ancient sculpture. Her nose was missing, so I added it

Pencil, quick study of ‘Death’ from one of Jacek Malczewski’s painting

Trying some shading techniques using different materials on this bronze hand of Dionysus. Pencil drawing plus graphite and charcoal, on paper. Freehand drawing

Quick pencil drawing of a model woman stylized to a punk. Paper magazine photo reference (gonna add source soon)

Greek warrior with a round shield, study in likeness and pencil shading exercise

Japanese woman in a traditional dress, quick pencil sketch. Trying some new subjects instead of antique statues

Jupiter face. Portrait study in pencil and a bit of a charcoal

Face of a girl. A fragment of one of the freehand practice sketches in pencil.

Portrait of an Unknown Lady, by an unknown photographer from 1920. Quick pencil sketch, this time likeness was the target

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