Exploring the Commodore Plus/4 for 3D graphics

3D graphics testing normals visually

The image above shows the testing of plane normals, which I had to perform developing the algorithm on the Commodore, while verifying it in vanilla Javascript in the browser.

Another take on using the Commodore Plus/4 with the YAPE emulator. I’ve been experimenting here with 3D vector graphics in BASIC 3.5. It’s been a challenging but fun project. The Plus/4’s low specs make it tough, but the emulator’s “WARP” mode helps speed things up.

Here I’m still using the standard line drawing procedure for the graphics, including for filling faces. Also a face sorting algorithm and back face culling to improve the visuals. The object I’m drawing is a simplistic mech.

If you’re into retro computing and want to try your hand at programming 3D graphics in BASIC, definitely check out the YAPE emulator and give the Plus/4 a try. It’s a fun challenge and a cool piece of computing history.

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