Free Wikipedia WordPress plugin

Basic summary fetch for inserting it into a WordPress post.

Fetching a summary from Wikipedia article to embed a snippet in the WordPress post

I needed this kind of functionality since ages, yet coudln’t find any interesting plugins. So there is my own solution. Quick and easy.

From the github readme
“Work in progress, early yet working stage. There are many leftovers from my other sources and the code is not optimized nor organized/formatted.
There are many boilerplates left ready for further development.

Depending on the language the URLs supplied by Wikipedia may use a weird encoding. There is an user input required in that case to change the URL part by hand (temporary).

To install just put the [plr-get-wiki-adm] folder inside the WordPress Plugins folder.
Autoupdate is not yet enabled.
This is the one of many fixes needed so: Use it at your own risk. No warranties of any kind”

Download it and let me know what do you think: @plrang / github

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