From 64 photos to 200k downloads

Screenshot of my profile on that site

Over 23 thousands of downloads per year, that is over 2000 monthly downloads of free images. It’s quite a lot as for such small collection. So, after about 8 years the account could be closed, especially Freeimages previously named / stock.chng was a really cool site, similar to Flickr or 500px, where people could share their images for free use, with different licensing options and many social features, like contact with their customers or other artists.

Unfortunately Istock made it it’s own pond, cutting out all the social aspects and outgoing links and the whole interaction. That’s a pity, because it was the place where I started. featured one of my simple illustrations (below, almost 7 years ago), and I thought.. why not?
So I started selling photos on internet. The first site where I uploaded images was the commercial part of the same company called Those were the days…

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