Life drawing – Athena portrait

Pencil drawing on location – lesson 4

In lesson IV we was back to drawing and that made me pretty happy, because I stiil need to loosen up my drawing motions.
Our task was to choose a subject, this time it had to be some head/face.

I suspected that everyone is going to draw some front view, so I  switched to the profile view. I’ve spotted this Athena statue and really liked it. It is pretty complex, so instead of trying to draw a typical face I decided to focus more on that complexity.

The life drawing took me about 3 hours, then at home I finished it from my reference photo in about 2 hours. The first image below shows the final result drawing. Next you can see how it looked right after the lesson.
The size is about 30×40 cm (A3), I used pencil 3H, 2B, 4B and 8B plus the graphite bar 4B.

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This time I wanted to focus on getting the right shape and proportions without some excessive measurements and I needed only this one try.

Pencil drawing on paper

Final drawing


Athena profile pencil sketch

After first 3 hours on location


Drawing steps

Work in progress – little animation

It could look great framed but I need to buy a bigger flat to hang it on a wall, because I am not going to give out or sell the original drawing.
I hope you like it too……….


And here is a little video clip from that drawing day

2 responses to “Life drawing – Athena portrait”

  1. Carolyne MacMillan says:

    Wow, I love this one! I thought your drawing skills were great to start with but they are so much better now. Practice makes the difference :)

    • Art Plrang says:

      Thanks Carolyne! Well it's still something in between my old style and the new one I am trying to develop. It's pretty hard to draw live with so many people and something that you just HAVE TO DRAW ;). But it's a great exercise at the same time. It helped me to get back to drawing daily

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