Live Stats for Shutterstock are back. SS Siteboost

Archival article

I’m in the revival process of the SS Siteboost, live statistics monitor tool for Shutterstock contributors. It had more features before and I’m going to bring them back slowly. It works partially at the moment as a Firefox script for Greasemonkey add-on. While bringing the code back to life I also make less calls to the JQuery library and going to minify and make the code easier to maintain.

Source code
Depending on the current date browser extension may be outdated.

Here is the source:
You can use the script for Greasemonkey addon or examine the Javascript source code.
Here is the browser extension: SS Siteboost Firefox web-extension
Just click and ALLOW to install OR download it and drag and drop into Firefox window.

And the SS Siteboost extension for Chrome browser.

Feedback and suggestions much appreciated. This is a free work in progress software.


Shutterstock statistics monitor

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