Mars terraforming

Planet Mars has been fascinating people since ages. I remember reading books of Gustave Le Rouge back in late 80ies, “The Prisoner of the Planet Mars” (1908 !), because science fiction was always my favorite subject to read and draw. That was a real journey for the mind.

Few months ago finally I could put my hands on some scifi designs, so landscapes and terraforming the Mars Planet are the first of the series.

Just by chance we had an opportunity to visit Cape Verde back in 2015 and some of it’s amazing landscapes really remind those shown by NASA Martian rovers. So it was an extraordinary possibility to shoot reference photos and see, that illustrations I created before that trip look really similar. Now I hope to create more and explore the subject even further.

Landscapes of Mars and terraforming the Red Planet + some photos of Cape Verde landscapes looking just like Mars

Gustave Le Rouge

NASA Online Exploring Tools

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