Neoclassical architecture in watercolor

Architecture in watercolor. Drawing Walk 1 – quick sketching and painting

Next day after the drawing lesson, we decided to check out our fresh ideas outdoors. This watercolor painting below is an effect of that trip. My first idea was a simple quick sketch. I was hoping to create it in 30 minutes, but the time shrinked again and the result sketch took about 1 hour. (for me it was 30min.)

Later at home I have  corrected several lines, added a few more shadows and details from the photo I took, but it appears that live drawing on location is more accurate and there is a lot more fun. It’s easier to concentrate and focus on drawing. I would never expect that.

I had a major problem with ‘measuring’ the building. Because of the fence I couldn’t increase the distance, so the building was too big for standard measurements using pencil. It’s visible if you compare the sketch with a photo below, yet still I am pretty satisfied with the results as for the first real quick outdoor sketch.

Although two  funny mistakes appeared, I am leaving it for you to find out ;) They are located  in the finished parts.

New things I’ve learned while painting architecture in watercolor

  • time shrinks outdoors while drawing (weird and helpful feature)
  • it’s good to think about the next step before – sketch only? or painting? etc. I took an ordinary paper, unsuitable for watercolor works, fortunately we bought a new set of  paint
    Also that’s why the sketch is a bit overloaded with details, idea to change it to  watercolor picture  appeared later at home
  • it’s easier to focus on work outdoors, than at home, no coffeeees, no bathrooms, phones, tv and food;)
  • a right and comfortable body position is very important, to avoid wrong angles, perspective and pain in the back
  • 12 tube watercolor set from Winsor&Newton is a lot better than an ordinary set for kids;) Normally my paper would get totally wavy
  • using tubes is much more comfortable than paint in pans
  • speed and correct measurements are the most important factors for me to improve
  • drawing a simple straight, long line is a challenge

This work overall time was around 4 hours – 1h outdoors sketch,  1h at home sketching, 2 hours of painting.
New target is to have such sketch finished outdoors (simplify, increase speed and sketch grid).

So? What are your thoughts?

10 responses to “Neoclassical architecture in watercolor”

  1. Jyothi Joshi says:

    Great details ! I love watercolor painting since it gives the transparent textures. Good to know that you sat outdoors and sketched this. I'm sure it would have been a great experience to get lost in the environment :)

    • Art Plrang says:

      Thanks JJ, I like watercolor exactly for the same. Looks like outdoor sketching became my new, additional passion. Now If I get tired walking and taking photos, I'm gonna sit down and draw:)

  2. Jyothi Joshi says:

    hmmm….2 mistakes ? can't really find out !! OK….on close observation, I feel the top circular dome is a bit towards left. Secondly, the right extreme wall to be in between the below balcony !! Well, these are with comparison with the photo but ofcourse the perspective depends on where you sat and sketched :)
    My guesses might be completely wrong from what you are thinking ;)

    • Art Plrang says:

      :) you are right about comparison with the photo. I intentionally published a bit different one than I took as a reference, because these errors appear in the construction not the perspective. Maybe You'll try another shot ;)

    • Jyothi Joshi says:

      ha….the more I look , I see more fine details of windows and shades of colors on the wall which seems great ! Even the tree looks good which you say is difficult for you to do ;) Can't really fault anything !!

    • Art Plrang says:

      I hate to draw the nature… not because I can't, but because of the complexity. Just need to find the way to simplify all those details I see and mark only most important parts to MAKE an impression, not the foto realistic image.

      Check out that dome – there is one part missing though, I don't know how could it happen :>

    • Jyothi Joshi says:

      Yes, I agree with you. Since we see nature regularly, it may seem easy but not so while drawing and painting the details of it !!

      Well, regarding the dome, that's what I meant in my above comment when I said that it looks a bit towards left !! Maybe you should have extended the base of the dome more to the right(->)!

      Overall, I like the style of your sketching and

    • Art Plrang says:

      I mean there is a lack of the ring between the dome and the building :)

      Right, it's so NOT EASY to transfer things we SEE onto paper, weird. Especially I want to train my mind for speed to not get bored.

      After that 5 lessons I noticed already many changes in my mind. I know even more but all those connections are still scattered too much, and whey they'll make

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