Painting people in the park in gouache

Gouache paint on location – classes LESSON 7

On thatday I had to paint the park and trees again… which really isn’t my favorite subject. It’s enough for me to think only about sketching a tree and I feel sick. Well, that was the job.

Painting people in the park

Gouache painting

Painting above is a “finished” study created during the class. We had about 3 hours to compose, sketch and paint some piece of art.  I already know that painting while in the class is much harder than the normal session at home or even en plein air.

All those people around and the form of an exercise… studying the subject while listening to the master painter lowers the overall quality of the finished work, because it’s an exercise.

I was angry at me because of that before, now I just know it’s a part of the process.

Finished gouache painting

Although this particular painting is not an amazing piece of art, I am pretty satisfied with the result. I managed to paint those terrible trees and learned few things like using the less dilluted  paint (watercolors get lighter after they dry) or how to paint leaves on the ground (shadow first!), and achieve more contrast.

Gouache sketch

Compositing phase, blocking first shapes

Still did not block well big areas at the beginning… yet I’m happy of the composition. It looks a bit dull, simplified and sterile, but I hope you like it!

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